High Quality Bowling Lanes in Williamsville

The lanes

Transit Lanes offers an amazing 42 lanes of Brunswick Pro Lane Synthetics for your bowling pleasure at our facility in Williamsville. We took some time to really lay out a great place for you to enjoy yourself, and part of that has to do with our technical specifications. We use quality materials so you can have a quality experience when you bowl here with us. All of our lanes were originally wood from time of installation through 2008 when we installed our current synthetics. We have bumpers on all of our lanes.

Our lanes feature automatic scoring for your convenience. We were the first center to install automatic scoring, back in 1972.

Pins and pinsetters

Pinsetters are part of the bowling experience and we have taken the time to select and install the following for our lanes:

  • Lanes 1-14 are Field Converted A-2’s (serial #’s approx. 39,000)
  • Lanes 15-38 are Field Converted A-2’s (serial #’s approx. 27,000)
  • Lanes 39-52 are Factory A-2’s (serial #’s approx. 102,000)

Our pins are Brunswick Score Kings in both 3 pound 6 ounce and 3 pound 7 ounce versions.

Other information

If you are the kind of person who wants to know all the details about the bowling alley you are visiting, we’re here to provide them. Here are some additional facts about the products we use:

  • Approach Finish – Astrolane Approach Finish
  • Lane Oil – Kegel Fire
  • Lane Machine – Kegel Ion Sport Edition, Model D
  • Lane Cleaner – Kegel CX-4

If you have any other questions for us, don’t hesitate to call and inquire. We’re always happy to answer them!

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